Enter a timer description in the textbox above to start your timer.

Writing timer descriptions is very easy. You write 30 seconds to start, well, a 30 seconds timer.

Write 5 minutes or 5 min or 5 m to start a 5 minutes timer. You can name your timers too, for example, 1 hour work timer.

You can create timers that come one after another. To start a 25 minutes work timer followed by a 5 minutes rest timer, write 25 min work, 5 min rest.

After you create a timer, bookmark the page to access your timer later.

Of course, you can also start timers by directly providing descriptions in the URL. Here are some examples: http://timer.ac/30 sec http://timer.ac/5 min http://timer.ac/work for 25 min, rest for 5 min

Check http://timer.ac/examples to see what else timer.ac can do.

When a timer ends, the screen flashes. If you also need sound warnings, you can click the unmute button after the timer starts. Or you can directly start an unmuted timer by adding "sound" in the url as: http://timer.ac/sound/30 seconds